103rd Millrose Games

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By Jill Gear
Jan 30, 2010 - 8:03:57 AM

Christian Cantwell -Visa Men's shot put winner

"My goal is always hopefully to win the Indoor World Championship. No one's ever won 3 (world titles), so history is against me, but we'll see."

"I thought I was going to throw a little bit better. All my throws over 70, that's pretty sick. If this is any indicator of the season, watch out."

"I have trained at a high level for a long, long time. Every day I would wish there was another meet I could go to. My goal is the Indoor Championship. I'd also like to get closer to the World Record. The thing about this year is there's no world championship, no Olympics, so you can just pin your ears back and throw it as far as you can every time."

"I was killing it this week - and I thought I would do a little bit better. Maybe if I'd had 6 throws."

"It's 90 percent terrifying and 10% exhilarating. All these people watching on TV. It's fun to throw here, it's hard. It's not like our normal competitions. You have to jump in the ring and nail one early. I'm a sixth-round kind of guy, so I would have liked to see what happened after another round or two."

"In any sport, it's staying healthy that's the most important. Peyton Manning wouldn't be as good as he is if he wasn't on the field all the time."

"My worst thing is I have a herniated disk. They don't hurt all the time but when they do, I could be out for 2 weeks straight."