Contract negotiations are only one of our services. Endorsements and speaking engagements are significant supplements to the athlete's income. For some athletes these sources of income can be substantially larger than their contract income.

Personal development of the athlete is also important. SMMI will provide advice and assistance that will enhance the athelete's skills with regard to obtaining endorsements and speaking engagements and will promote post-athletic career advancement.

An athlete's professional life is necessarily short. Generally, an athlete will have to enter the job market and compete with peers who have worked at their careers for many years. Through working with personnel management firms, SMMI will seek to help the athlete obtain jobs in the business areas where they wish to develop post-athletic careers. The primary goal is not income, although that is a factor, but career advancement.

Finally, planning for the future requires minimizing taxes, budgeting your resources, and carefully selected investments that will increase your net worth. This is essential to the athlete for once his career in professional sports ends, he will normally see a substantial reduction in income. To alleviate this possibility, SMMI works with professionals to see that long term planning will set and achieve goals specifically for the athlete.

Ultimately, the decisions for all of the above are up to the athlete. We provide advice and guidance, but all final decisions regarding endorsements, speaking engagements, budgeting, investments and similar matters are yours. Your successes in these areas are our successes also. SMMI's greatest reward comes from advancing both your athletic career and post - athletic career.