Amanda Bingson

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Aug 14, 2000 - 9:34:22 PM

Amanda Bingson


Born:  February 20, 1990

Hometown:  Las Vegas, Nevada

College:  University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)

Event:   Hammer Throw

PB: 75.73m (American Record)

Sponsors: Nike and NYAC


First introduced to the hammer throw in 2009 while attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). During her first year, broke the school record as well as placed 5th in the Mountain West Conference allowing her to move on to regionals. Named Conference Champion and awarded Women’s Most Outstanding Performance Award 3 years in a row.

COLLEGE HIGHLIGHTS                                            

All-American indoor weight 2012 (21.42m)                      

2 time All-American and Bronze medalist 2012 hammer throw (66.96m)                                           

NCAA meet record holder (71.04m)     

3 time Mountain West Conference Champion                                   

3 time women’s most Outstanding Performance in the MWC                 

MWC athlete of the week                                                            

2011 UNLV Female athlete of the Year


2015- 3rd at USA National Outdoor Championships; 4th at Budapest IAAF World Challenge meeting

2014- 5th at USA Indoors in weight throw(22.42m/73-6.68); 1st at USA National Championships (75.07m/246-3); 3rd at Edmonton (73.04m/239-7); 2nd IAAF Continental Cup 2014 with 72.38m in Marrakech on September 14, 2014

2013- 10th at World Outdoors (72.56m/238-0); 1st at Edmonton (71.57m/234-9); 1st at USA Outdoors (75.73m/248-5 AR); 5th at Chicagoland (71.12m/233-4); 1st at Tucson Elite Classic (72.95m/239-4); 1st at Tecas Relays (72.16m/236-9; 6th at USA Indoors (20.36m/66-9); NACAC gold medalist & record holder (71.39m).

2012- 13th in qualifying round at Olympic Games (67.29m/220-9); 1st at NACAC U23 (71.39m/234-2); 2nd at Olympic Trials (71.78m/235-6); 3rd at NCAA Outdoor (66.96m/219-8); 1st at MWC Outdoor (67.94m/222-10); 1st at Texas Relays (66.20m/217-2); 5th at NCAA Indoor (19.97m/65-6.25); 2nd at MWC Indoor (19.86m/65-2)

2011- 14th at USA Outdoor (62.02m/203-5); 4th at NCAA Outdoor (64.36m/211-2); 1st at MWC Outdoor hammer (69.65m/228-6), 1st in discus (46.08m/151-2), 2nd in shot (13.27m/43-6.25); 2nd at MWC Indoor (19.70m/64-7.75)

2010- 8th at USA Outdoor (63.03m/206-9); 1st at MWC Outdoor (64.07m/210-2); 1st at Mt. SAC (58.85m/193-1); 9th at MWC Indoor (16.71m/54-10)